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Awaken Nature's Energy

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Orenda CBD and Head Herbalist Annette Atkinson are here to answer your questions in a relaxing and non intimidating atmosphere.  We have information from a myriad of resources; most disease and condition foundations have position statements on the benefits of Cannabis and CBD in particular.  Ms. Atkinson recently graduated from the Holistic Cannabis Academy and continues to study the benefits of CBD and the other 100+ Cannabinoids found in the Hemp Plant.  Everyday we here more and more anecdotal stories of miraculous success in relieving pain, anxiety and many other conditions affecting our ability to live our best life.  In recent years the regulations for studying the effects of CBD and the other cannabinoids have loosened up and US clinical trials are now happening.  Please stop by and see us no pressured sales, a lot of great information and good vibes.  Watch our website for upcoming trainings we will begin offering in the new year.  If there is a topic you are especially interested in let Annette know she is up for the challenge.


annette with Raphael.webp

Annette pictured above with

Raphael Mechoulam, the father of Cannabis Research

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